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Style: WTF Olympic Taekwondo
Dojang Name: The Newfoundland and Labrador Tae Kwon Do Academy
Instructor: Tony Nippard (6th Dan)
Location: 16 Larkhall Street
Contact: 709-746-8243
Style: World Taekwondo (Olympic Style)
Dojang Name: Hi-Performance Taekwondo
Instructors: Master Jens Hosel, Kukkiwon 6th Dan
Location: 205 Logy Bay Road, Lower Level, Suite 8
Contact: (709) 682-5468
Schedule: Mon-Thurs: 5:00-8:00; Saturday: 10-00-1:00
Home Page:
Affilitated With: NLATU; Taekwondo Canada; World Taekwondo
Note: Master Hosel's Taekwondo career started over 30 years ago and he has since developed into one of the most qualified Taekwondo instructors and coaches in Atlantic Canada. He is a Kukkiwon / World Taekwondo 6th Degree black belt; NCCP Coach: Level 3, Multi-Sport A&B, MED.; Taekwondo Canada Coach, Learning Facilitator and Evaluator; Certified Poomsae Coach and Referee;Certified First Aid / CPR Instructor; Coaches of Canada member. Master Hosel has experienced Taekwondo at all levels. He represented NL as an athlete, national referee and coach. Many Hi-Performance athletes have been very successful and have won numerous medals at provincial, Atlantic and National levels attesting to his high standard of instruction and coaching. Master Hosel is currently training, studying and preparing for his 7th Degree black belt testing as well as his Performance Coach designation.
Style: ITF-TAO Taekwon-Do
Dojang Name: Cabot Taekwon-Do
Instructors: Rick Winsor (5th Dan)
Location: Bidgoods North Plaza, Main Road, Goulds
Contact: (709)745-6399
Schedule: Please contact
Email: and
Home Page:
Affilitated With: ITF-TAO

Style: ITF TaeKwon-Do
Dojang Name: Downey's ITF TaeKwon-Do Centers
Instructor: Scott Downey (8th Dan) and Cathy Downey(6th Dan)
Location: St. James United Church (Elizabeth Avenue and Paton Street)
Contact: (709)753-4248
Home Page:
Affiliated With: International TaeKwon-Do Federation

Downey's Other Center:
- Reid Community Center, Mount Pearl
Style: WTF Olympic Tae Kwon Do
Dojang Name: Jacobs Tae Kwon Do
Instructors: Michael Jacobs (4th Dan)
Location: Private Dojang
Contact: (709)690-3979
Home Page:
Affilitated With: Independent
Note: Offering private lessons and seminars
Style: World Tae Kwon Do Federation
Dojang Name: Trinity Tae Kwon Do Academy
Instructors: Anthony Byrne (5th Dan)
Location: Blaketown (Blaketown is located at the beginning of Route 80, just past the town Whitbourne. About a 1 hour drive away from St.John's)
Contact: (709)759-2174/(709)685-2270
Schedule: Tues: 6-8pm, Thurs: 630-730pm, Sun: 7-8pm
Affiliated With: Grandmaster Chong Lee (9th Dan)
Note: Tae Kwon Do enables it's students the ability to improve their physical and mental fitness through martial skills. Anthony Byrne is a certified self defence instructor through Justice Canada, Certified Personal Trainer through Can Fit Pro, and Use-of-Force Instructor through Holland College, as well as Certified 5th Dan Blackbelt through the World Tae Kwon Do Federation.
Style: WTF Olympic Taekwondo
Dojang Name: Samjae Taekwondo
Instructors: Ian Crocker (4th Dan)
Location: Topsail United Church (2426 Topsail Road, CBS) and Elizabeth Park Elementary School (80 Ellesmere Avenue, Paradise)
Contact: (709) 693-6616
Home Page:
Affiliated With: NLATU and Taekwondo Canada
Style: Kukkiwon Olympic style Taekwondo
Dojang Name: Phoenix Martial Arts
Instructors: Mr. Darren Hunt 4th Dan Kukkiwon
Location: Bishop Abraham Elementary
Contact: (709)690-4607
Schedule: Mon @ 7:30-8:30 & Wed @ 6:30 to 7:50
Home Page:
Affilitated With: Independant Taekwondo Association GM. Pellegrini (9th Dan)
Note: Our 6000 sq ft training facility includes 2 olympic size and style sparring mats along with a various training equipment. We have male and female change rooms complete with showers. At Phoenix Martial Arts parents can train with their kids in the same classes during the same times and not be separated. All family members can train together.
Style: WTF Olympic Taekwondo
Dojang Name: SATORI Elite Athletics Inc.
Instructors: Master Reggie Lawrence (5th Dan)
Location: 78 O'Leary Avenue, St. John's
Contact: (709)330-3488
Schedule: Tue 4:00PM Wed 6:30PM Thurs 4:00PM Sun 5:30PM
Home Page:
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